1. Who are DM Trading Bulgaria?

- We are a company specialised in offering a variety of services in the field of market trading. We are a part of the french based company DM Trading and our goal is to help you become a successful trader or investor in different financial assets.

2. What do we offer?

- We offer a variety of services each of which is created by traders for traders. Our services include a full theoretical and coaching courses, market analysis and live signals. We also offer you the chance to work in our office via our Desk Rental service. More importantly for those of you who are successful or become successful with our help - we will offer you a chance to become part of the company, by funding you and sharing the benefits. On our website you can find everything needed to become a successful and professional trader.

3. How can I subscribe to one of your services?

- You can subscribe to our services via our official website. On each service’s page you can find information regarding the service as well as a subscribe button, which will take you to a payment page where you can choose the exact service you want to subscribe for and pay for it.

4. Is there any other payment options?

- Currently we only receive payments via PayPal transfer or Credit/Debit cards. You can also make a wired transfer from your bank to our account. You can find the details below. Just make sure to write in the description for which service are you paying and write us an email with the bank statement. Soon we will include more payment options like cryptocurrencies.

5. What do I need to know about the “Theoretical course”?

    When you complete the whole “Theoretical course” your will be one step closer to becoming a professional trader. You will have all the needed theoretical knowledge and it is just left up to you to combine that knowledge and create a personal trading strategy, which will give you the desired results.

-     Can I access the videos after the course has ended?

    Yes! Once you subscribe for the “Theoretical course” you gain lifetime access to the videos that present the lessons. You can go back to them anytime you think that you need a freshen up.

-     What will the course provide me with?

    The course will provide you with all the vital theoretical knowledge regarding technical analysis, economic analysis, sentiment analysis, money management, risk and position management. All of that will be combined with examples directly from the market in order for you to better understand the theory behind it all.

6. What do I need to know about the “Coaching” course?

(subquestions) - How is the course being held?

    There are a few possible options for taking this course. If you are not a Bulgarian or you don’t leave in Bulgaria (specially in Sofia) the course will be held via Skype conversations. If you are from Sofia-city you are always welcomed to take your classes in our beautiful office in the heart of Sofia.

-     How long does the course take?

    There is no time limit on this course. The idea behind it is to help you overcome the difficulties and issues you might experience with your trading technique and to make you a profitable trader. So lets’ put it this way:

The course will end when we have succeeded in turning you in to a profitable trader!

-     Do I need any knowledge to attend this course?

    Since it is a coaching course and not a theoretical one it is good for you to already know basic theory and understanding of the market and to have a certain way of trading. The coaching course aims to make your trading strategy a profitable one, so we won’t talk much about theory.

-     Can I attend the Coaching course after working hours?

    Of course you can! You will have to check it with our coaches first and discuss with them what time it would be suitable for you to take the classes.

-     How long does a single class take and how many classes are there throughout the week?

    One lesson or class can take up to 2 hours depending on how much material we have to cover. You will have 2 classes/lessons each week, so that is around 4 hours of coaching each week.

-     What will be discussed during that class?

    We will be discussing your analysis and trading plans, your trades and your risk and position management.

7. Can I get a refund on my money if I decide to not continue with any given course?

-    You can get a partial refund on your money. Of course if you provide a vital reason for you wanting to quit on the course we will consider with you a full refund on your money.

8. What does the Newsletter subscription provide?

-     Where do I receive the trading plan and review?

    You will be receiving our trading plans and the review of them on your personal email or the email you have used when subscribing to the services.

-     Where do I receive the Live Signals?

    At first the Live Signals will be sent in a specially designed for that purpose channel on the Telegram application. We are working on creating our own Application both for iOS and Android, so later on you will receive the signals there via Push Notifications.

-     What is the difference between the two Newsletter subsribtion types?

    By aiming to satisfy your trading needs and of course your schedule we have created two different types of subscriptions. The one covering Forex will be specially designed for short term day traders, but it will also include some long term swing trades. On the other hand the Commodity/Indexes subscription will be more oriented to long term trades and a few short term ones. So depending on your working schedule and availability you will have a chance to not miss any profits.

-     Why haven’t I received the trading plan this morning after subscribing yesterday?

    Sometimes the trading plans and reviews are marked as SPAM by some email service providers. Check your SPAM folder and if you have not received it there please contact us immediately on our working email.

9. What are the risks of trading on the markets?

-    The risks of trading on the markets are associated with investing and loosing capital. And losses on those types of investments are a part of the overall process. So do not invest money you can not afford to lose or invest too much in to a single position as this can cripple your bankroll and leave you without any savings. Due to its’ high risk nature, trading can lead to substantial losses.

10. Can I subscribe for the Newsletter for more than 1 month?

-   Yes you can! There are also the options to subscribe for 6 month period and an Yearly subscription. In the future we will include more options for you.

11. Is there a possibility of a losing month or more?

-    As said before trading on the markets is usually connected with losses as well. You can never have only winning trades, so the possibility of a losing streak is not that low and sometimes it can last up to a month or even more, but we will do our best to avoid those situations. Most often drawdowns will happen within a week maximum.

12. What happens if I lose the money invested?

-    If you are not investing properly and you lose all your money that you have deposited you will be left without a bankroll to operate with. Trading on the markets is at your own risk and all the investments you make are solely your decision. DM Trading Bulgaria can not be held responsible for any major losses you experience by trading on the markets.

13. How does the Prop Trading programme work?

-     What type of contract do we sign?

    The contact we sign with our professional traders who are a part of the Prop Trading programme  basically outline the parameters of your work you will do for us. It includes all the legal information needed as follows:

 1. The two sides between which the contact is being signed

 2. What sum are we providing you with in order to trade on the markets professionally.

 3. How much you will receive as an income, which is as follows: 65% of the winnings goes to you and 35% goes to the company.

 4. If you lose money or the whole capital provided you are not to be held responsible or by any means return this capital.

This and much more legal and important outlines are added to this contract.


-     Is there a fixed monthly salary?

    At first there is no monthly salary. You receive 65% of the profits you make with the capital provided. However there is chance for us to propose to you to work for us over time as a coach or something else. This position will be connected with a monthly salary.

-     Do I have to work from your office or I can work from home?

    We prefer you to work from our office as we provide you with everything that you need and at the same time we can discuss the trades you make. However we can agree on you working from home, but it is not something that we usually do.